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Twynsunz Graphics is an award winning team of short film producers. Our creative talents have won a first place award, and a third place award for annimation films. We have multiple projects in progress in the drama, horror, and music video categories for future release. We offer some of our films for sale. You can view short clips, or purchase complete versions of these films from our product catalog on this website. We will keep you posted on our achievements in the upcomming local and national film festivals.

This is the official music video to Matt & Mick Glebe's graphic novel: The Man In The Hat.

Price $5.50 each + shipping (determined by your location) Contact us at to order.

Double Trouble is the first episode in an on-going saga of mercenary twin brothers that find themselves double-crossed by the mob. When they foil the mob bosses plan to eliminate them, they enact their own bloody revenge in an intense game of personal war. Comic Book Adaptation now available!

Remain Alive is an artistic music video dedicated to the legendary actor and icon, James Dean. The techno-rock mix will get your blood pumping with a creative visual rendition of how James Dean Remains Alive. "Come see the writing on the wall, I'm the rebel standing tall."

Price $5.50 each + shipping (determined by your location) Contact us at to order.

Running time (3:18) Includes a graphic visual version!

A Necessary Evil is an old fashion, stylistic tale of a mysterious murder that takes place in the old Carpenter house. When Dr. Joseph Vlad is assigned the murder case, he knows there is something more to this mystery that everyone else refuses to believe. Its climactic ending is grim and chilling to the bone.

The Forgotten Path revisits the carnage of World War II and the journey of Mason Ross, and Dallas Parker. Their mission: To destory the V2 rockets during Operation Market Garden. As the battle rages on, the two begin to feel lost and further away from home. Award winning animation film, running time (9:08).

Price $5.50 each + shipping (determined by your location) Contact us at to order.

Twynsunz commercial for Doritos Crash The Super Bowl. You make it. We air it. Thanks to actors Sara Davis and Josh Norris.

In the Twynsunz award winning animation film, I.C.B.M. Dallas Parker and Mason Ross are caught up in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day during World War II. Their desperate mission is vital to the success of America and their Allies, carrying with them the stolen technical data plans for Hitler's V2 rockets known as the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile or I.C.B.M. This short film is an explosive story with deep meaning during a great struggle in our historical past.