The Revenans


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The Glebe Brothers are excited to announce the launch of their up coming comic book series The Revenans!

The Revenans follows Sir. Hunter Lazarus, a battle worn knight returning home from the Crusades, only to find his lands plagued by a foreboding darkness. Spoken in the Latin tongue, revenans means, "to come back" or "returning spirit." This harrowing tale, set in the Dark Ages, merges our world with horror and fantasy. Can the tortured soul of Sir. Hunter Lazarus stop the undead revenants from forever consuming all of humanity?!

Who are The Glebe Brothers??? Mick & Matt Glebe are twin sketch card artists and comic book writers/illustrators. Together they are co-owners of Twynsunz Inc. along with Creative Director and Artist Kathy Glebe. They are known for their stunning and realistically styled artwork that are mini-masterpieces rendered for such licenses as Marvel, Star Wars, DC comics, AMC's The Walking Dead, Pin-ups, and many other original independent sets. In addition, they have created a number of original comics and children's stories; such as this year's soon to be released epic horror/fantasy comic book The Revenans!

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The Revenans Comic Trailer


Individual Purchases

1 Copy of Issue #1 The Revenans comic book is $4.99 + shipping.