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Sculpted Sketch Cards


Glebe Sculpted Sketch Cards

were fully created by artist talents Mick, Matt, & Kathy Glebe: each custom sculpt is rendered on an original handcrafted sketch card that breathes new life into these high-end dimensional collector art pieces. These unique cards come hand finished and are encased in a sealed collector case to display and ensure it's value for your collection. Keep an eye out for more Sculpted Sketch Cards by Glebe coming soon!

Commission your very own one-of-a-kind SSC by emailing us: twynsunzgraphics@cox.net


Indiana Jones

Ghost Rider

Back To The Future


The Punisher

Han Solo on Tauntaun

Michael Jordan

Jurassic Park T-Rex

Harley Quinn

Warlock VS Thanos

Ice Wampa


Moon Knight




Spider-Man VS Venom

Symbiont's Revenge

360 Panoramic Video SSC Preview

All characters, music, logos, TM, and or © remain property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.
All artwork illustrated by Mick & Matt Glebe are © Twynsunz, Inc.