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Glebe Pin-Up Book

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In this edition of Glebe you will find a 24 page collection of beautifully illustrated fantasy pin-ups by Mick & Matt Glebe featured by numerous companies in the industry.

These epically amazing products include:

Bad Axe Studios - Dungeon Dolls & Bombshells

Perna Studios - Spellcasters

Breygent Marketing - Kris Kringle

Asylum Studios - Once Bitten

Galan’s Sketch Art Productions - Contemporary Pin-Ups

The lineage of Pin-Up girls can be traced back beyond the times before The Renaissance. History has proven there is nothing more glamorous than the attraction of the female form. Through the centuries of burlesque to cheesecake, there has never been a truer style of iconic art than the tastefully illustrated visions of alluring ladies. Pin-Ups capture fun, lighthearted, and candid moments of beautiful women in time. Be it Playboy or the heyday of World War II airplane nose art, sexuality is a powerful trait to be celebrated with respect and equality in these dynamic original masterworks of art.

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All characters and images are TM & © of their respective owners.
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