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Cosplay Prints

We have created our “Cosplay Prints”: It’s a great way to help support what we do for our local community professionally. As you know we love to entertain families at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch, Krypton Comics, Offutt Airforce Base, opening movie premiers, and even participating in charitable fundraiser like the one we held for The Nebraska Flood Relief program this last spring. You may or may not know, doing this professionally takes a lot of time and dedication in constant maintenance along with upgrades to our suits, and to even make some of these events—especially scheduling time away from work being self-employed is a very difficult balance.

Combine with our creative skills in what we do as a career we’ve made a way to share our artwork in graphic design of “Cosplay Prints”! If you like what we do and would like to support our cause, you can share in these smiles we provide in ordering one of our new Cosplay Prints! You can choose from our Iron Man and Batman cosplays just for example below —You too can put a smile on children and their family’s faces by sharing in what we do by supporting our cosplay. They will be 11X17 poster prints that we will offer on our official website—or you can PM us right now to schedule a meet and greet (in the local area) to pick your order up from us personally. Just let us know which character theme you would like! They will be $29 each. All orders are FREE shipping within the US, $14 international shipping.

These are a wonderful way to share in the happiness and joy we like to spread all year-round —you can even have one personalized and mailed to someone feeling down that needs a pick-me up or a get well soon! They even make fun gifts to share with fellow fans of the same interests we know and love! Remember folks, this kind act costs nothing to make someone else’s happiness and bring a big smile to their face. This is something we will always continue to do—Because spreading positivity is PRICELESS!

*Click any of the prints below to order and support a good cause*