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Star Wars Art
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Commemorative 40th Anniversary Star Wars Poster Print 11X17 exclusive.

LIMITED to ONLY 250 pieces available world wide. Each poster is authentically signed and numbered.

Mick & Matt Glebe are Officially Licensed Lucasfilm Approved Star Wars Artists:

These piece were illustrated for mass-production and published base art for the return of Star Wars Galaxy 2018 trading card set.

Produced by Topps and officially licensed art approved by LucasFilm.

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Official Star Wars Illustration Work

Produced by Topps & LucasFilm Approved:

  • Star Wars Galaxy 2011
  • Star Wars Masterwork
Series 1
Series 2
Series 3
Series 4
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Movie Promo
  • Star Wars Journey to The Last Jedi
  • Solo: A Star Wars Movie Promo
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Promo
  • Star Wars Finest 2018
  • Star Wars Galaxy 2018 - Base Art & Legend Insert Illustrators
Limited signed editions of Mick & Matt Glebe’s official work on Star Wars Galaxy 2018 available now! We’re offering a rare number of 70 complete sets (5 cards per set) of our special Legend card inserts, along with a print of our original thumbnail sketches submitted to and approved by Lucasfilm. Everything including the print will be signed in full on the back and signed “Glebe” in gold on the front. The special print that comes with this exclusive opportunity will also be signed and numbered. Each set will be $150 with FREE shipping.




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All artwork illustrated by Mick & Matt Glebe are © Twynsunz, Inc.