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Into The Abyss Limited Print

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"Into The Abyss" 11X17 Poster Print is signed and numbered to only 1912 pieces available worldwide.

To purchase the original, please contact the artists here: twynsunzgraphics@cox.net

More information on the original art: Into The Abyss is an original concept illustrated and painted in traditional-mixed medium on a high-quality 22X30 inch illustration board. The mediums include: acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pen, ink, and markers. This piece is based on research theories of how the bow section (front half) of the RMS Titanic came to rest on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. Study suggests the bow section measures approximately 470 feet long. Traveling at approximately 25 mph at a 45 degree angle, the bow section plunged into the sea floor—burying itself 60 feet into the mud. The foremast was torn down, falling onto the port bridge, along with the ship's wheelhouse being swept away. This haunting image illustrates the dark descent of the doomed ocean liner meeting its final resting place in the early hours on the morning of April 15th, 1912. The discovery of the wreckage came 73 years later by Robert D. Ballard and a team of researchers in 1985. The weight coupled with the speed that impacted upon an abrupt halt left this forward section of the ship badly damaged to which Ballard described “as if it had been squashed by a giant’s fist.” Despite the exterior’s condition—the bow’s descent and collision with the ocean floor still left this section in reasonably good condition—being slowly flooded created a relatively smooth descent mitigating the interior damage. In the grim distance of this artwork, a clouded settling of the imploded stern section (back half) can be seen falling into the debris field. On a personal note, to our knowledge, no other artist has captured this terminal impact concluding her final resting place.