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The Glebe Exhibit

The Glebe Exhibit

is a collection of artworks created by Mick, Matt, and Kathy Glebe: where every piece is authentic, iconic, and carefully created in great quality to take you on a journey of historic exploration and unique investment opportunities. For the past decade we have illustrated amazing pieces of art leading up to this personal project. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working on officially licensed properties for Marvel Entertainment, LucasFilm, DC Entertainment, and countless others. Now, we are looking at expanding our creative works into our own original fine art collection gallery: "Welcome to The Glebe Exhibit!"


Both originals works of art and limited prints are available exclusively through this gallery.

The first collection of artwork in this gallery is themed around the Titanic—one of the most iconic shipwrecks in human history. We will be offering a unique opportunity to invest in not just our gallery and artwork—but history itself with a major incentive we will be including: authentic free coal raised from the wreckage of the Titanic. This coal will be included with specific pieces only.

Our theme’s mission in our gallery will also help promote and educate the historical significance of such a personal connection shared with the doomed ocean liner—through the artwork and preservation of it’s memory. Something we will continue through future themes presented in this exhibition.

This online showcase features original fine arts—curating paintings, sculptures, and other mixed media creations, spanning the imagination or historical contexts. Our plan is to maintain and establish our on-going website for the gallery, as well as the brick and mortar location physically of the private gallery. Generous patrons will also go towards materials and supplies needed to create these fine works of art: pencils, paints, and canvases to keep the passionate heart of art beating. Investors will have the chance to own or collect some of these original pieces! Many of which will be featured for a limited time in this exhibition. Funding would also go towards the promotion of the gallery along with its building to attract savvy would be patrons. 

The Prints--One of our most popular base products, our prints come in a plethora of collection options and pledge tiers to serve your collector needs! Whether you’re buying for your own curation, or to share as a gift with others, they will capture “Into the Abyss” and “The Sinking Maiden” in all their high-definition glory. The 11x17 inches poster prints pledge come signed and numbered to 1,912 available world wide, making them the more limited and sought after collectable of the print options.

You can help support this gallery through purchasing any of the items below.



Monetary donations can be made for the funding of this gallery through PayPal addressed to KGlebe@cox.net

Thank you to everyone for supporting our small business!


The Glebe Twins hard at work.

In early beginnings as artist, we started out doing portraits and commissions. In 2010 we stepped into the business of entertainment illustration, creating products for license properties. It is, and has been, a great experience! Like everything in life, it has come to a point of needing to diversify and expand our visions. We would like to focus more on our own original content through the means of not just collecting, but also experiencing our artwork as well. With our passion for history, we would like to take our skills into historical and contemporary visions in fine arts. Through funding of the gallery, we can expand on many of these visions, which would also provide the opportunity to explore more avenues; including art licensing and bring our products to life to share with the world.


The Coal

Through this artistic gallery patrons will have the unique opportunity to obtain coal that was retrieved from the debris field of the Titanic’s wreck. More than 80,00 clumps of coal that served as the blood of the world’s most famous ocean liner has been inventoried by weight and quantity with certification, import number, and date by the United States Customs Service as having been recovered from the Titanic. All of this is reflected and verified in it’s accompanying certificate of authenticity. This particular item is not only a small piece of history, but is growing more scarce with the passage of time, it is the only item allowed to be sold to the public. Each piece of coal we’ve curated for this Gallery’s Titanic Themed Exhibition has acted as “effort conservators” to Titanic’s deteriorating remnants; and these original keepsakes (keychain or coin) come as absolutely FREE incentives with our top-tier gallery offers.


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