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Sinking Maiden Limited Print

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"Sinking Maiden" 11X17 Poster Print is signed and numbered to only 1912 pieces available worldwide.

To purchase the original, please contact the artists here: twynsunzgraphics@cox.net

More information on the original art: Sinking Maiden is an original concept illustrated and painted in traditional-mixed medium on a high-quality approximately 19X30 inch illustration board. The mediums include: acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil, pen, ink, and markers. This piece depicts the beginning of the RMS Titanic’s descent into the Atlantic ocean in the hours of its sinking between April 14th—15th 1912. It’s final resting place became 12,500 feet beneath the ocean surface, leaving behind two debris fields covering 2 square miles separating the bow and stern sections that broke apart during the sinking—both sections are located 1,970 feet apart. The stern’s remains measure approximately 350 feet long and is almost unrecognizable, as it was catastrophically damage during it’s final descent. Survivors recounted hearing explosions seconds after the stern sank beneath the watery surface—air pockets imploding, coupled with the frigid temperatures and heated boilers literally caused the stern section to explode and disintegrate upon it’s descent. This artwork displays both the beauty of human achievement and tragic loss of life in this historical event.