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Relic Box: Titanic Exclusive

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Titanic Relic Box Exclusive

Our original hand-crafted Relic Boxes are the heart of this exhibit, embodying a miniaturized experience for investors and collectors. Each uniquely packaged exhibit come with the perfect set of conversation pieces for this exhibition. Everything about this part of the exhibit has been hand-finished and will be unique to every investor. Adorning the top is a sculpted replication of the Titanic’s bow wreckage, infused to the box as if it were raised from the depths of her final resting place. The interior of this showcase has a classy lid-support, with a miniature concept sketch that greets the opener under the lid. A faux leather liner caresses the bottom of it’s contents replicated within, the wood has been stained to meet it’s elegant presentation. Each box will include these original keepsakes: 2 canvas card reproductions of each of the main paintings, 1 original ink sketch card in the theme of Titanic, 1 replicated passenger contract Titanic ticket, 1 romanticized jewelry necklace embellished with Glebe artwork, and 1 free authentic coal keychain with its certificate of authenticity. Everything comes autographed and numbered in the collective Relic Box exclusive. The Relic Box itself can be purchased individually in a separate offer. 

With this purchase you will receive (1) LIMITED hand-finished Titanic Relic Box exclusive that will include keepsake items packaged inside:

(2) 2.5X3.5 high-quality canvas cards of both “Into The Abyss” and “Sinking Maiden.”

(1) Original sketch card illustrated and signed by Mick & Matt Glebe that will be inspired by the theme of Titanic.

(1) The Titanic inspired necklace of “Sinking Maiden” pendant.

(1) Replicated vintage Titanic inspired passenger contract ticket dated for its maiden voyage “April 10th, 1912.”

(1) FREE exclusive incentive piece of Titanic Coal raised from the wreckage of the ship itself (includes certificate of authenticity) curated in a classy acrylic ship key-chain.

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