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Titanic Ship's Bell ARTiFact

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Titanic Ship's Bell ARTiFact

With this pledge you will receive (1) LIMITED 3D ARTiFACT art card encased, and inspired by the recovery of “The The Ship's Bell” from the Titanic wreckage. Signed by the artists and numbered.

Each ARTiFact Card comes hand-sculpted and painted as if it were still resting somewhere in the darkness of Titanic’s debris field at the depth of 12,500 feet in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. With each of these pieces being based on actual items salvaged from her wreckage, our artistic interpretation of these will be 1 of 1 recreations, crafted through a mixed medium process to replicate either the bell that was rung in Titanic’s fateful moments—or to something as personal as the pocket-watch a passenger carried with them on that ill-fated maiden voyage. These wooden-backed mini-masterpieces are replicated on a smaller scale and come in a sealed display case to protect the original art for years to come. The custom backs come signed and numbered; they can be purchased through individual or together pledges.

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